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The reason that the shot blasting machine caught fire

Today, shot blasting machines are used in various industries and specialized fields, but due to improper use or the purchase of poor quality products produced by the bad businessmen,that maybe cause the shot blasting machine fire.Today we will analyze the reason that the shot blasting machine caught fire.

The reason that the shot blasting machine caught fire:

1.The distance between the shot blasting machine and the dust collector is too short, or because the dust duct is not provided with a curved path, so that dust with sparks can directly cause a fire to the filter cartridge.

2. The dust concentration in the shot blasting machine cleaning room is relatively high to cause the fire of shot blasting machine. In addition, the dust contained in the blasting machine may contain flammable substances such as putty and aluminum-magnesium powder. The combustible material in the dust reaches a certain degree. It may cause a fire or even an explosion.

3.The other is that the design of shot blasting machine dust collector pipe, the internal grid plate required to prevent the direct entry of dust, which will greatly increase the contact surface of the reactants, even non-flammable substances, At this time, rapid oxidation can also occur, the external performance is burning or exploding.

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